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Athlete with Amputated Leg


Dr. Ramsook has a specific interest and expertise in postamputation pain including phantom limb pain as well as residual limb pain.  

Postamputation pain can be incredibly difficult to treat without proper guidance and experience. Dr. Ramsook utilizes cutting edge technology to treat what can be debilitating pain.

There are numerous treatment options that are often combined and consist of physical therapy, medication management and interventional procedures. A specific type of spinal cord stimulator known as dorsal root ganglion stimulation is an exciting, specialized treatment option that Dr. Ramsook utilizes. With his advanced training Dr. Ramsook is eager to get you functioning in the best way as possible!

Having close relationships with prosthetists/orthotists along with physical/occupational therapists, Dr. Ramsook will create a team-based treatment plan to best suite your needs!

Call United Spine & Pain today and make your life what you want it to be!

Post Amputation Pain: List
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