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Interventional Pain Management

Dr. Ryan R. Ramsook is a double board certified Pain Management and Physical
Medicine & Rehabilitation physician.  He has extensive training in
minimally invasive spine and pain procedures and continues to promote
innovation and leadership in the field of Pain Medicine.  He graduated from
New York University where he performed graduate level research with leaders
in the field. He then enrolled in medical school at Rutgers- New Jersey
Medical School where he continued to hone his interest in research. As a
resident at the prestigious Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, Dr. Ramsook
was trained in a multi-modal approach to treating patients.  After
completion of residency he then completed two Pain Medicine fellowships;
one in Interventional Pain Medicine and the other in Clinical Pain
Medicine.  During this time he was able to master advanced spine and pain
procedures and offer a comprehensive, team based approach to treating pain
and improving function.

Dr. Ramsook’s passion for healing and putting his patients first is
apparent. His philosophy of melding innovation, utilizing evidence based
medication and customizing a treatment plan for each one of his patient’s
has earned his plaudits amongst his patients and colleagues alike.  First
receiving recognition as a New York Times Rising Star in 2018, Dr. Ramsook
continues to be active in the academic community where he is frequently
invited to attend and lecture at conferences across the globe.  He
continues to grow his passion for research and has had numerous articles,
reports and text book chapters published in leading journals.

Dr. Ramsook is also an Assistant Clinical Professor at both Florida State University College of Medicine as well as Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine. He enjoys teaching and continues to be passionate about research and mentorship. He also frequently lectures to medical students, residents, physicians in training as well as to the surrounding communities.

Born in Trinidad, Dr. Ramsook remains with a unique passion for serving
underprivileged and overlooked populations in America and abroad.  His top-down approach to treating his patients and his strong belief in patient
advocacy continues to allow him to put his patients first.  Working closely
with collaborating and referring physicians Dr. Ramsook aims to avoid or
potentially delay surgery if possible as well as to facilitate in making
unavoidable surgery more precise.

Ryan R. Ramsook, M.D.: Meet the Team
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